Small Group Classes

We offer a variety of small group classes. We have a perfect blend of high-intensity training with repair and maintenance classes. The combination of our classes will not only change your body they will transform your life.

Personal Training

Our Personal Training program is designed to provide our members with an individualized program based on your needs, which will help you, achieve your goals. A personal trainer will create an efficient workout program with innovative ways to improve your health.

The Fit Shop Kids

Sound the alarm! Ring the kids in! Fit Shop Kids is back in session and the time is NOW to get your little engine started! We can’t let the adults have ALL the fun.. Sign them up now.




This cardio-conditioning, kickboxing class is one of the most effective ways to burn fat, build strength, develop coordination and burn calories. This class incorporates not only boxing, but also bands, dumbbells, core strengthening, running, and plyometric movements. You will have a blast discovering the different capabilities of your body and mind in this eclectic full body work out.





This high-intensity, functional training class is a total body workout that improves strength, speed, flexibility, and balance through the use of equipment like kettle bells, dumbbells, boxes, battle ropes, rowers, slam balls, medicine balls, TRX and much more. This boot camp style class will enhance the overall performance of the body in its daily activities, all while conditioning through running/sprinting, rowing, jumping, lifting, throwing, pushing, and pulling.





Supercharge is a hybrid class of The Tune Up and The Burnout. This class is all about increasing the power and speed of your engine. Get ready to kick your body into turbo speed in this high-intensity blend of Bootcamp, Kickboxing.


About Us

Fit Shop is a high-intensity fitness studio that incorporates a daily lifestyle program. We believe it is important to check your engine daily from the

inside out!  Come prepared to be encouraged, motivated, and inspired on the body shop floor. You will be challenged to dig deep physically and mentally.

Our fitness program incorporates kickboxing, bootcamp and yoga, which we believe is a perfect blend for a balanced lifestyle! Fit Shop will tune up your mind, body and spirit.

  • The Body Shop Floor


    Our studio resembles a vintage body shop which plays off the idea that our bodies function very similar to a car.  Just like your car needs a Tune Up, so does your body. Classes will constantly be varied giving you a different experience every time you step onto The Body Shop floor.


  • Parts


    Not only do we want you to feel good, we want you to look good too! Check out our parts department at the front desk!


What Others Who Have Trained with Us Say About Us:

Lisa Joy Segall

I love going to THE FIT SHOP NMB – it’s not just a place you go to workout and leave it is so welcoming – like a second home!  The staff are Awesome and knowledgeable -The workout is always changing and they push you to the limit !  THE FIT SHOP !

Lisa Joy Segall
Sky Tayon

I’ve only really known Kaisa and Adriane for maybe 3 months now, but I can honestly say that in that short time they have impacted my life in a huge way. Not only have they helped me feel better physically through their kickass workouts, but they’ve also made me feel better internally by teaching me about nutrition and making sure I’m consuming food that will help nourish and heal my body. Taking their classes is a pure enjoyment due to their high energy and passion that is clearly displayed at all times. I love these girls and I can’t wait to see all that The Fit Shop has to bring to the community!

Sky Tayon
Robyn Goldberg

When I came to Kaisa and Adriane I was out of shape and weak. In 3 months my body has been transformed back to the pre-baby body I remember and it is only getting better. I am getting stronger and more toned than I have ever been. The Fit Shop has changed my life! – Robyn Goldberg

Robyn Goldberg
Stephanie Cavok

If you want a place to workout that does not intimidate but instead motivates, go see Adriane and Kaisa at The Fit Shop NMB. They are two truly motivational and inspiring women who will give you an amazing, super intense, challenging and fun workout. Thank you for transforming me physically and mentally!

Stephanie Cavok
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